Vision Board update

Well it has been nearly 6 years since my original vision board post. During that time, I opened and closed my physical shop. I would like to concentrate on my ecommerce shop. Then I moved across country from Maryland to California to pursue my biggest dream, living by the beach in a warm climate. I may give the physical shop another try.

In hindsight, I failed to put my beach dream on my vision board, probably because I didn't think it would happen. Which brings me to, earning a BS/BS in Chemistry. At this time, I have concluded that I am too old and uninterested in obtaining a 4-year degree. I don't like school, I am burnt out of my day career as a Chemical Technician, therefore, I am focusing on being my own boss. If I change my mind later, it will be for my own pride.

On a lighter note, I have been to Vegas! At couple of times! Viva Las
Vegas!! It's a day trip from L.A. and I had an amazing time every time! Now to check Amsterdam and Paris off my list.

Thank you for stopping by!