What the term "natural" means to me regarding product labels.

I was watching a YouTube videos as a fellow Soaper created her soap. And she talked about what it means to call your product natural. She explained that there was no government regulations on calling your products natural so if a product is labeled natural is based on the creator's definition. And that you should examine the ingredients carefully for your own satisfaction. She also believes that if any one of your ingredients are not natural then you can't call your product natural.

So, it is my belief that if it's a small percentage of your ingredients, like less than 10% synthetic then you can still call your product natural just not “all” natural. To me, all natural means just that ALL natural and 100%.

Based on my understanding of natural and as the creator of my products, I'd like to emphasize that my products are natural or all natural, with the exception of candles, because many of those scents are fragrance oil scents, but I will be in the process of phasing them out soon.

Although fragrance oils smell amazing, I'd like for my products to be natural. And I always have ingredients labeled on my products. So there's my two cents and thank you for stopping by!!❤❤❤