Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tealights unveiled!

I have some of my products on display for sale at a store for crafted goods. One day, the owner ask me if I could make tealights because she was doin it and no longer wanted to because she does other crafts and runs the store, of course.

Anyway, it took me a very long time to get them together because I really want them to look nice enough to sell, while having packaging that would preserve the scent, at a relative low cost so that I could price them to sell. I don't want to have them individually because my booth is small and I have other things to sell and I also don't want the different scents to intermingle. So what I came up with these clear acrylic boxes that I found in the wedding favor section at my local craft supplie store. I think they are more professional looking and easieer to label than the cello bags I tried. So far the cons are availability of these boxes because I've only found them at the one chain and they are a pain to put together. But right .now I am very pleased with the outcome. :) sorry about the poor picture quality