Saturday, July 16, 2011

"About Me"

Sensitive skin? Me too. I have eczema and can't use any scented commercial products. But I like the feeling of smelling nice and not just clean. I would go into stores looking for something I could use to no avail. I was really disappointed when I went a popular bath shop (that advertises "natural" products) and found I could not use these products either.
That's why I started making my own bath and body products. At that time I was making silk floral designs so while searching for floral supplies, I found a website that offered ingredients and other supplies for soap making. I thought, " maybe I could make something I could use" and so I did. At first, friends and family seemed very supportive. But then they started requesting the things that they like.d Since I wanted to please them (and make money) I tried to make the things they wanted.
Over the years it became overwhelming and too costly to make what each person desired. And it has been very hard to market to everyone because I'm a one woman show. I have small batches of this and that laying around plus many failed experiments and bad ideas. Needless to say I haven't been making money. It has been very discouraging.
So now I've decided to regroup and focus on something specific. I am going to stick to the natural line since it is the reason I started soapmaking. Natural bath & body products are the only ones I can use. I believe in them and plan to market to those with sensitive skin and/or eczema like me. I think this focus will be better for me and my business in the long run.