How to use bath bombs?

So you've gotten your colorful, scented, fizzy bath treat and you're ready for a relaxing, spa-like experience. You've run your bath water and toss it in and as it bubbles you can't help but think of the dollars you just tossed down the drain. But don't fret, I have some tips to help your budget while you pamper yourself.

First, did you know you could break apart your bath bombs and use one half in a bath and still have an excellent spa bath?  Yes, take a butterknife and split along the seam of the bomb use one half and place the other half in a dry storage bag and store it in dry place until you are ready to use it. See How to split and store your bath bombs.

Second, if you catch a bargain and buy in bulk. When you buy in bulk, the cost of each individual treat goes down.  So, when stored properly, your can extend the time between restocking.

Finally, get you treats from Smoodz! I make quality handmade, natural bathbombs at an affordable price. I don't use chemicals, SLS, parabens or any other harmful ingredients. So please stop by and check it out!

Thank you for reading! Come again soon!