What's on your vision board?

Recently, my sister began encouraging me to create a vision board. What's a vision board? As I understand it, it's kinda like a bucket list, where you create a poster with all of your goals and things you envision doing during your lifetime. Well, I haven't really decided where to start with my board but I do have a long list of thing I'd like to put on it. And the list keeps growing.

So here are some of the things on my list:

  • Own my own shop
  • Obtain my BS in Chemistry
  • Visit Paris
  • ...and Amsterdam
  • OH! and VEGAS!!
....just to name a few.

I currently have a lot of clutter and do not wish to add to it and I'm afraid I won't keep up with this apparent fad. So I am reluctant to do a physical board. I'm thinking of creating a separate blog, or maybe use this blog (periodically), or maybe make it a part of my facebook page or my fan page. Yeah, since I am looking for ways to engage my followers without always talking about buying my stuff, I can create my vision board on my fan page.

So if you read this go to my page to see my vision board. And tell me what you think. Or even better, you could check on me to see if it's started or updated.